Key Responsibilities:

Install and repair pipes that supply water and as well as carry waste, Installing plumbing systems such as bathtubs, sinks, and toilets.

General Requirements:

  • Certification of plumber
  • Team work and Interpersonal, communication skills

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist in increasing the number of customers and clients
  • Assist in conducting meetings with clients and customers
  • Assist in attracting new clients and customers and sales activities
  • Introduction and promotion of sales products to old and new customers
  • Assist in cars promotion activities, attract potential buyers and help selling and ordering the cars.
  • Assist in providing clients and customers with accurate and correct information
  • Ensure the safety of car transportation from customs’ site to the company
  • Keep the showroom cars clean
  • Cooperate with the finance department on all documents throughout the entire order process
  • To fulfill and report on the tasks given by the management in due time
  • Welcoming and serving customers
  • Get the scheduled car inspection


  • At least 2 years of work experience in sales
  • Professional knowledge of the product
  • Ability to meet the customers satisfaction needs
  • Active participation in public activities
  • Team work, negotiations and communication skills & good personal organization skills
  • Ability to process documents, ability to give independent evaluations on situations and finding solutions;
  • Fluent in English, must be able to process documents in English and Mongolian
  • Good at MS Word, Outlook, PPE and Excel, Visio

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan, manage and evaluate logistics operations liaising with internal stakeholders, suppliers, logistics and transportations partners and customer
  • Design and implement best practice logistics principles, policies and processes across the company to improve operational and financial performance
  • Monitor delivery times and transport costs by setting up tracking system in ERP
  • Solve logistics problems concerning transportation, logistics systems, imports or exports or customer and vendor issues on a timely manner whilst maintaining high level of quality and service within the given budget
  • Negotiate rates and contracts with logistics and transportation partners
  • Evaluate optimal transport modes and routes and select and recommend suitable partner to handle the shipment through competitive bidding process
  • Assess performance of logistics and transportation partners, negotiate rates and contracts to contribute to financial performance improvement 
  • Review impact of global and local logistics changes including regulatory updates including sanctions, routing, shipping modes, carriers and shipping modes
  • Initiate continuous improvements by identifying inefficiencies and suggest cost optimization opportunities
  • Investigate and interpret current and upcoming trends in logistics and provide timely updates to internal stakeholders to mitigate risks and devise proactive plans
  • Ensure processes compliance with company policies, procedures and ISO 9001 standards
  • Manage, coach and develop a high performing team that meets set objectives and targets, delivers quality services and support to business units


  • At least 5 years of experience in freight forwarding
  • to works in the logistics department of the trading companies
  • The logistics lead will drive the current logistics team to achieve the set objectives and goals
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented,
  • Logistics team leader provide excellent direction and oversight for logistics personnel.

Гүйцэтгэх үндсэн үүрэг:

  • Шууд удирдлагын хяналт, зааварчилгааны дагуу компанийн засварын газарт Үйлчлүүлэгийн тээврийн хэрэгсэлд үзлэг оношлогоо, засвар, техник үйлчилгээг чанарын өндөр түвшинд хийж гүйцэтгэх.
  • Үзлэг оношлогоог үнэн зөв, нямбай хийж эвдрэлийн шалтгааныг тогтоож, бүрэн гүйцэд засварлах. Хийж гүйцэтгэсэн ажлаа заавал дахин хянаж нягтлан, Чанарын хяналтын ажилтанд шалгуулах,
  • Шаардлагатай сэлбэгийн жагсаалтыг үнэн зөв бодитой гаргаж, захиалга хийхэд туслалцаа үзүүлэх,
  • Тухайн ажлыг гүйцэтгэхэд шаардлагатай тусгай багажнуудыг тусгай багаж хадгалах газраас захиалж авах ба зориулалтын дагуу зөв зохистой хэрэглэж цаг тухайд нь буцааж хүлээлгэн өгөх,
  • Ажил гүйцэтгэхэд шаардлагатай программуудыг ашиглаж, шаардлагатай тохиолдолд удирдах ажилтнаас зааварчилгаа авах.
  • Шаардлагатай тохиолдолд тухайн тээврийн хэрэгслийг жолоодож шалгах

Tавигдах шаардлага:

  • Механик инженер, элекроник инженерийн чиглэлээр их, дээд сургууль төгссөн
  • Автомеханикийн чиглэлээр мэргэшсэн, мэргэжлээрээ 3-с дээш жил ажилласан туршлагатай
  • Техникийн загвар, моделийн талаар мэдлэгтэй, автомашины цахилгааны оношлогоо, засвар хийх чадвартай
  • Англи хэлний мэдлэгтэй
  • Харилцааны соёлтой, хувийн зохион байгуулалт сайтай, бие даан болон багаар ажиллах чадвартай, нягт нямбай
  • Мэргэжлийн сургалтуудад хамрагдаж сертификат авсан бол давуу тал болно

Key Responsibilities:

Develop the company's long and short-term plans, budgets and analyze financial statements, prepare monthly reports, and evaluate the impact of external and internal factors on the budget and expected performance, and identify risks, and provide information to management.

  • Prepare and analyze monthly financial and operating reports including, but not limited to, monthly reports, forecasts, monthly variance analysis of performance and budget
  • Identifying financial performance trends and financial risk, areas of improvement, and making recommendations
  • Spearhead the annual and quarterly budgeting and forecasting processes
  • Identify risk and opportunities for performance improvement across the company such as explore financing options, FOREX, hedging etc.
  • Develop models that help with decision-making and support the management team and department heads with ad hoc analysis, reporting, and special projects as needed
  • Oversee financial functions, such as assessing, auditing, planning, budgeting, taxes, consolidation, cost control and project control
  • Evaluate and analyze investment options, investment opportunities, costs, depreciation, rates of return, profit plans, operating records, financial statements


  • Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, or related field; preferable if CPA or CFA
  • 5 years of relevant experience in corporate finance, financial planning & analysis, investment, or other related fields
  • Strong working knowledge of Excel and financial modeling
  • Excellent analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving skills
  • Presentation, reporting and communication skills


Install fire system, maintain, diagnose faults and repair electrical wiring and computer-based equipment in mining fleet

Comply with safety and other regulations established by the company and OT


  • Perform high quality inspection, repair and maintenance of vehicles in accordance with direct manager’s supervision and instructions.
  • Perform daily tasks as directed by direct manager.
  • Perform daily duties in accordance with the instructions of the OT supervisor.
  • Submit and sign pre-start safety instruction daily.
  • Ansul technician install, maintain, diagnose faults and repair Ansul fire suppression system.
  • Daily inspection and maintenance (lubrication, tightening) of the responsible equipment
  • Review and sign the daily equipment inspection sheet according to the OT approved form.
  • Perform planned maintenance and technical service of (lubrication, tightening) of the equipment.
  • Prompt repair of an equipment faults or breakdown.
  • Diagnose a cause of the breakdown and repair completely.
  • Identify required parts list and make an order
  • Keep effective time management and complete assigned tasks in a timely manner.
  • Participate equipment maintenance with team, support and train team members.
  • Submit Service report of performing tasks to supervisor.
  • Submit daily report according to OT standard.
  • Support and advise to team members of applicable.
  • Keep proper use of an equipment, tools and PPE.
  • Attend required training and award the certification pass by exam.
  • Other tasks assigned by Supervisors.


  • Bachelor and diploma mechanical engineer and mechanical professional certificate
  • 2 and more years of experience in relevant field
  • English-intermediate level
  • this position is based in UB if necessary will work as a shift worker in mining field

Sales operation in response to customer inquiries

Introduce Equipment & Parts information as per customers requirement

Prepare sales & purchase quote in the system (Signature/Job orders)

  • Understand customer inquiries and provide products matching the customer requirement whilst ensuring 100% accuracy.
  • Generating quotes from the system and submission customers
  • Tracking open quotes and update on a monthly basis
  • Manage Accounts receivables and work with Accounts Receivable to collect on accounts and to define credit terms that will most likely achieve payment and retain the customer
  • Conduct analysis on stock movement and propose inventory plans to the Sr. Manager
  • Manage Darkhan branch warehouse & coordinate UB warehouse to ensure parts are stored as per the standard and delivered to the customer on time
  • Establish and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Communicate to and work with the other departments as necessary to resolve unique customer issues/concerns
  • Complete given task from higher management fully and on time


  • University degree of related field 
  • Minimum of 2 years of working experience in agriculture or mining business environment selling/service agriculture/industrial or engineering equipment products. Mechanical experience is also expectable
  • Good technical and parts knowledge and interest
  • English-upper intermediate level
  • Team work, negotiations and communication skills, Pro grade of driving, good tech and mech skills
  • Achieve the specified target in volume
  • Customer service of the highest level: managing Customer complains to provide effective, efficient, professional service and advice to ensure client satisfaction at the highest level
  • Opposition activity, product /technical knowledge, and continuously striving to develop own skills and knowledge to perform optimally
  • Provide customers with product information to assist them in determining appropriate products to purchase, recommend additional products to meet customer needs, develops relationships with new and existing customers, and provide information to maximize sales volume
  • Monitor competitive activity and report significant developments to management
  • Establish and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Communicate to and work with the other departments as necessary to resolve unique customer issues/concerns
  • Manage and work with accounts receivable to collect on accounts and to define credit terms that will most likely achieve payment and retain the customer
  • Prepare all quotations, invoices, official letters, contracts, and warranties in a professional manner
  • Deliver products to clients as required by Manager
  • Prepare business forecasts for each customer in coordination with line Managers.


  • Bachelor in business management and /or engineering
  • Technical education, direct sales technique
  • English-advanced level
  • Excellent sales, organization, communication skills
  • 3 years in sales experience in equipment trading business

  • Provide the highest level of customer service at all times
  • Create accurate parts price quotations based on customer requestCounter sales of spare parts and customer support
  • Prepare precise sales orders in the Navision SystemInform service department with new parts arrival
  • Plan and assist in parts & accessories promotion
  • Weekly report of spare parts counter sales
  • Follow and implement all ISO activities
  • Create CRM data
  • Create new sales opportunities
  • Handle all customer complaints immediately in a professional manner


  • University degree of related field 
  • Minimum 2 years working experience in parts sales field
  • Competent in MS Excel programs
  • Proficiency in written and verbal English
  • Sales, ERP systems, Financial basics, Logistics basics 

    Creative Direction: Responsible for the creation and design of all integrated marketing materials including print, digital, social, broadcast, collateral, apparel and expo activities to communicate the mission. Must have a thorough understanding of photography, videography, typography, printing, digital components. Responsible for entire design - concept, creation and production. Compile quantitative reports to show campaign success rates and opportunities.

    Marketing Management: Deliver strategic plan and marketing goals. Implement marketing plan by assisting marketing team in developing and producing creative and effective marketing collateral, apparel, videos, expos, managing direct mail campaigns, creating and distributing eNewsletters, print newsletters and overseeing the digital components. Ensure materials and communications reach the target market and quantify results on time and within budget.

    Merchandising: Manage inventory of apparel, collateral, and signage for all partner events, fundraiser events and expos. Design and produce branded apparel. Place orders to maintain appropriate inventory.

    Brand Management: Maintain the brand integrity by regulating the use logos, messaging and imagery, upholding brand identity and quality and ensuring an emotional connection with the target audience. Consistently be looking for messaging growth opportunities.

    Promotion and Communication: Produce quality communications both written and verbal that deliver given message clearly and effectively. Communications to include info kit, newsletter content, press releases, athlete bios, spokesperson scripts, talking points, video scripts, email communications, appeal letters and promotional pieces. Work with Events, Fundraising, Business Development and Programs departments to create collateral and promotions. Effectively communicate the mission of the brand across all efforts.

    Vendor, Sponsor and Partner Relations: Ensure our brand and logo consistency with partners. Develop and maintain cohesive and positive relationships with graphic designers, web developers, photographers, videographers, printers, apparel partners and other vendors. Cultivate sponsor and partner relationships as needed.


    A Bachelor’s degree is required. A major in Business, Marketing, Communications or Graphic Communications is preferred.

    Three (3) years of experience in marketing in a creative capacity, or equivalent combination of education and experience is required.

    High level of proficiency with MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Outlook, Keynote or similar online presentation tools. Ability to quickly learn new software and technology is mandatory. Experience in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign is required.

    Ability to create impactful, targeted creative that resonates with the audience. Experience in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign is required. Web content development and management experience is required. Some HTML/design for Web experience would be helpful.

    Performs video post-production tasks, which include reviewing footage, adjusting audio, making color corrections, adding music, graphics, photographs, and animation, and editing. Shoots and edits still photographs, including touch-ups, color correction, and re-sizing.

    Performs video post-production tasks, which include reviewing footage, adjusting audio, making color corrections, adding music, graphics, photographs, and animation, and editing.

    Contributes to strategic planning discussions with internal clients and team members by providing innovative ideas and solutions to help meet business objectives through video and photo content.

    Develops creative video and photo storyboards to share ideas with department team members and internal clients.

    Performs a variety of production tasks for video shoots, including lighting and audio setup, talent management, and camera operations.Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    Excellent teamwork skill 

    Ability to multitask and take on multiple assignments

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