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MasterRoc SA167

MasterRoc SA167

Mastering underground construction challenges with MasterRoc SA167

The MasterRoc product range is comprised of market-leading innovations and application expertise for the tunneling and mining industries.

In addition to a wide range of products, our globally connected team assists our customers in selecting the right products and systems, providing the best, most cost-effective and complete solutions based on innovation and technology, allowing our customers to operate successfully and to the highest safety standards.

MasterRoc SA167 is a high performance alkali-free set accelerator designed for use in the wet and dry mix spraying process.  MasterRoc SA167 is a liquid additive whose dosage can be varied to the desired setting and hardening times.


MasterRoc SA167 is suitable for all applications where high early strength, high final strength, extremely large layer thickness in a single application and high slump (>200mm) are required:

  • For temporary and final rock support linings
  • In tunnels
  • In mining
  • Embankment stabilization

MasterRoc SA167 is the ideal accelerator for wet-mix sprayed concrete for rock support because:

  • The quick setting properties allow:

-       Overhead layer thicknesses of 150mm in a single application (as with aluminate based accelerators).

-       Works with even high slump (>200mm).

-       Rapid work progress.

  • The unique formula:

-       Provides good early strength development.

-       Limits the decrease of final strength, associated with accelerators.

  • MasterRoc SA167 is a liquid product and thus:

-       Provides easy handling, as well as easy and efficient addition to the sprayed concrete.

-       Produces little dust and therefore a better working environment.

  • The alkali-free nature of the product:

-       Improves safety, a major factor.

-       Provides an improved working environment.

  • Reduces required handling precautions and hence improves economy.

Evaluation of setting time and 24 hour strength characteristics (without addition of slump killing system), in a norm DIN mortar.

Initial Set
Final set
24hr Strength
2 min.
5 min.
>10 min.
6-8 min.
8-12 min.
>15 min.
18-20 MPa
12-15 MPa
<10 MPa

Remark: If the setting times are poor, the 28 day strength is usually good. With a slow setting it is still possible to apply 50-70mm on the wall and 30-50mm overhead.

Compatibility with other accelerators

Do not mix MasterRoc SA167 with other accelerators as this will cause immediate clogging of pumps and hoses.


The dosage of MasterRoc SA16 7depends on the temperature of concrete, air and substrate. Another important factor influencing the dosage, is the reactivity of the cement used. Depending on required setting time and early strength requirements, the consumption of MasterRoc SA167 normally ranges between 3-10% of the binder weight. Overdosing (>10%) may result in decreased final strength.


MasterRoc SA167 is available in 1400 KG IBCs and bulk.


MasterRoc SA 167 must be stored at minimum +5°C and maximum +35°C (optimum temperature for storage and performance +20°C). Must be kept in closed containers made of plastic, glass fibre or stainless steel.

MasterRoc SA 167 must not be stored in normal steel containers as the pH can cause corrosion that might affect the performance of the product.

• After the prolonged storage we recommend that MasterRoc SA 167 be always fully agitated prior to use by mechanical stirring or re-circulation pumping. Agitation by compressed air is not advised.

• If stored in tightly closed original containers under the above given conditions, MasterRoc SA 167 has a shelf life of 3 months. Periodical remixing can extend the shelf life up to 6 or more months.