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MSM Group Receives Best ‘Top 100’ Award

Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) and Government of Mongolia held a ceremony to award the best 100 Businesses of 2016 hosted in State House on April 27 on a 16th years. Our MSM Group being awarded with this honor once again. Corporate sector produces 80 percent of GDP, providing 90 percent of jobs on the national level. The 100 companies that have led the corporate sector in 2016 constitute more than half of tax revenue. 

The award being rated based on enterprise’s influence and inputs to the country’s economy, financial and business sector, and based on a data obtained from Ministry of Finance, Taxation General Administration, Customs General Administration, Health and Social Security Agencies, Financial Regulatory Commission and National Statistical Office on taxes and social security paid, employment data, investment made, income and profit volumes.


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We contributed for the Children of the Peak Sanctuary project in 2015 through “The Veloo Foundation”.


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