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GBH 5-38 D

SDS Max Hammer

Main features :
The machine is intended for hammer drilling in concrete, brick and stone as well as for chiseling.
With chisel function for universal application;
Long service life, even in heavy-duty applications, as a result of the sturdy metal housing and compact design;
Effective dust protection with dust protection cap and additional casing of toolholder 

Техникийн үзүүлэлтүүд / Technical data

Өрөмдөлтийн диаметр / Max. drilling dia:
- Бетононд / In concrete:
- SDS-мax өрмөөр / with SDS max drill bits:38 мм / mm
- SDS-мax цүүц, нураагчаар / with SDS max chisels:55 мм / mm
- SDS-мax нүхлэгчээр / with SDS-max core cutters:90 мм / mm
Хүчин чадал / Rated power input:1050 Ватт / Watt
Цохилтийн хүч / Impact force :9* Жоуль / J
Цохилтийн хэмнэл / Impact rate:320-2900 эр/мин / rpm
Жин / Weight:5.8 кг / kg
Худалдааны № / Part number:0 611 240 006
Иж бүрдэл / Package:
Туслах бариул / Auxiliary handle:1