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GCO 2000

Main features :

The machine is intended for stationary use to perform lengthways and crossways straight cuts or miter cuts to 45° in metal materials without the use of water
Durability -long service life, 40% over market average;
Powerful and robust –best cutting capacity in its class;
Anti-dust and Spark Armature - Special cord protection device to prevent dusts and sparks from sticking on the wiring and burning the armature;
Protective Insulation - Cutting edge specially engineered plastic coating on field to isolate sparks on field. To prevent wiring on field from being burnt by sparks;
Unique Carbon Brush Cut-off Device - It stops the motor from running when the carbon brush needs to be replaced. It ensures long life of armature by maintaining constant contact on commutator.

Техникийн үзүүлэлтүүд / Technical data

Таслагч ирний диатетр / cutting disk dia:355 мм / mm (14”)
Таслагч ирний гол / Disc bore:25.4 мм / mm (1”)
Хүчин чадал / Rated power input:2000 Ватт / Watt
Ачаалалгүй үеийн хурд / No-load speed:3500 эр/мин / rpm
Жин / Weight:15.8 кг / kg
Худалдааны № / Part number:0601B170L0
Иж бүрдэл / Package:
Таслагч ир / Cutting Disc:1
Түлхүүр / Wrench:1
Гар / Spindle handle:1