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GGS 27 L

Main features :
The machine is intended for the grinding and deburring of metals with grinding wheels made of corundum:
High true-running precision and low axial play;
With Control Electronic for gentle acceleration and Constant Electronic for constant speed, even under heavy load;
Protected location of switch prevents inadvertent activation;
Cooling air vents are not covered by hand;
Good handling for both right and left handers

Техникийн үзүүлэлтүүд / Technical data

Точил чулуунууд / Grinding stones :25 мм хүртэл / up to 25 mm
Точил суулгагч / Toolholder:8 мм хүртэл / up to 8 mm
Тэнхлэгийн холхивчийн диа/ Spindle collar dia:35 мм / mm
Хүчин чадал / Rated power input:500 Ватт / Watt
Ачаалалгүй үеийн хурд / No-load speed:27000 эр/мин / rpm
Жин / Weight:1.6 кг / kg
Худалдааны № / Part number:601215006
Иж бүрдэл / Package:
Түлхүүр / Wrench:2