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GBH 2-18 E

SDS Plus Hammer

Main features :
The machine is intended for hammer drilling in concrete, brick and stone.
It is also suitable for drilling without impact in wood, metal, ceramic and plastic.
Machines with electronic regulation.
High-torque motor and powerful impact mechanism.
Extremely compact design and low weight of only 1.9 kg, ideal for working overhead;
Control Electronic for exact pilot drilling

Техникийн үзүүлэлтүүд / Technical data

Өрөмдөлтийн диаметр / Max. drilling dia:
- бетонд / in concrete:18 мм / mm
- төмрөнд / in steel:13 мм / mm
- модонд / in wood:30 мм / mm
Хүчин чадал / Rated power input :550 Ватт / Watt
Цохилтийн хүч / Impact force:1,7 Жоуль / J
Цохилтийн хэмнэл / Impact rate:1550-4550 эр/мин / rpm
Жин / Weight:2 кг / kg
Худалдааны № / Part number06112583L1
Иж бүрдэл / Package:
Туслах бариул / Auxiliary handle:1
Өрөмдлөгийн гүн хэмжигч / Depth stop:1