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GBM 13-2 RE


Main features :
The machine is intended for drilling in wood, metal, ceramic and plastic.
Machines with electronic control and right/left rotation are also suitable for screwing and thread cutting.
Drill chuck secured by centring screw against coming loose in reverse operation
Synchronised 2-speed draw key transmission;
switchover possible during operation
Drill spindle with hexagon socket for direct insertion of screwdriver bits
Speed preselection with setting wheel;
Control Electronic for exact pilot drilling

Техникийн үзүүлэлтүүд / Technical data

Өрөмдөлтийн диаметр / Max. drilling dia:
- төмрөнд / in steel:13 / 8 мм / mm
- хөнгөн цагаанд / in aluminium20 / 12 мм / mm
- модонд / in wood:32 / 20 мм / mm
Патроны зуултын дээд хэмжээ / Max Chuck capability:13 мм / mm
Хүчин чадал / Rated power input :550 Ватт / Watt
Ачаалалгүй үеийн хурд / No-load speed,drilling1000-1900 эр/мин / rpm
Жин / Weight:1.95 кг / kg
Худалдааны № / Part number:601169565
Иж бүрдэл / Package:
Патроны түлхүүр / Key:1
Туслах гар / Auxiliary handle:1
Өрөмдөлтийн гүн хэмжигч / Depth stop:1